#Repost @crossfitbolt (@get_repost) ・・・ ⚡️BOLT NEWS⚡️ New Specialty Clinics are coming to CrossFit BOLT! Ready to add new skills to your repertoire, improve your efficacy, re-tool the basics, tackle new drills, and learn more about yourself as an athlete? ~ As always you will get your daily dose of awesome WODs and expert coaching in class, so how will these classes be different? • With our BOLT Skills Series we will drill deep into a selected functional movement or skill, deconstruct the movement, and then put the puzzle back together to improve movement quality and hopefully get some PRs! Participants are limited so you get more time working with coaches, additionally we will send you individualized weekly programming/homework (including video tutorials) so you can do the important part....PUT IN THE WORK! ~ 🚨First Class: September 22, 2018 at 10am Details: * Movement: Handstands and Progressions * Class Length: 75min * 10 Athlete MAX (Must sign up prior to class) * ADDITIONAL STRENGTH and SKILL PROGRAMMING * TUTORIAL VIDEOS, specific to the skills * PRICING: * CrossFit Bolt members $20 * Non-Members $30 ~ Coaches * Matt McCraney ( @coachmattbear ): Coach of 5x CrossFit Games Athlete and the 2018 10th Fittest woman on Earth, Cassidy Lance-McWherter * Rebecca Fuselier ( @rebeccafuselier ): 2016 & 2017 CrossFit Games Athlete (Teenage Division) ~ Looking to sign up? Have any questions? Sign up at the gym or DM us with any questions or concerns ~ LET’S DO THIS! ⚡️ ••••• #CrossFitBolt #GetBolt #CrossFit #CrossFitGames #Fitness #CrossFitDFW #SkillsandDrills #Handstands #Coppell #HungryHeart

⚡️90 day Nutrition challenge ⚡️1st place finisher- @jsreigns ⚡️Jonathan decreased his body fat by 6.4 percentage points!!! He also had the most improved scores on 18.1, 18.2, and 18.2a ⚡️Secrets to his success Become aware of what you are putting in your body, especially sugar content. I love measuring all my food so I know exactly where I stand with macros and I avoid my eyes being larger than my stomach and overeating. ⚡️Congrats on all your hard work 👊🏻 The CHAMP is here 👊🏻

⚡️90 day Nutrition challenge ⚡️2nd place finisher- @riann024 ⚡️Riann decreased her body fat by almost 6 percentage points!!! She gained nearly 4lbs of lean muscle mass 💪🏼, improving each performance metric, most impressive was dropping her mile time by 1:58!!! ⚡️Secrets to her success The Be, Do, Have Principle Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance ⚡️You killed it, your consistent effort and hard work is an inspiration to us all! @ CrossFit BOLT & BOLT Athletics

⚡️90 day Nutrition challenge ⚡️3rd place finisher- @moto_jen ⚡️Coach Jen decreased her body fat by 7.8 percentage points!!! While losing overall weight and significantly improving her BF%, she improved each performance metric included a lifetime PR Clean at 215#!!! ⚡️Secrets to her success “Weight loss isn't linear, what works isn't cookie cutter, you gotta find what works for you and you can stick to :)” ⚡️Excellent work Coach Jen, way to lead from the front!

How's that core strength? Having a strong core will help with every single moment we do. You've seen this posted, you see members doing it, have you tried it? 10s is ambitious, start small with 5s,move to 7s and then up to 10s. Try this accessory work a couple times a week for a month and see how it helps you! Ask a coach if you have questions on the movement, or rep scheme!

One. Last. Day. Two events unannounced, but we're sure they'll be great! Two stoke pull: 10:25 am - 11:55 am Event Unknown : 2:00 pm - 3:10 pm Event Unknown : 3:35 pm - 5:30 pm Awards ceremony 5:50 pm - 6:20 pm Good luck! @cassidy_lancemcwherter @coachmattbear @instawife_aly @crossfitwaterside @crossfitgames @crossfit #crossfitbolt #mccraneymade #mfb #getbolt #CROSSFITGAMES

We have teens that wake early to come workout on Saturday. We have teens that pick Saturday to hit a PR! Izzy had a back squat PR last night and a #bmu PR this morning! Way to go! We are so proud of you!

What to expect today from @crossfitgames on this Friday. Battle ground 9:00 am - 11:15 am men and women Fibonacci 7:10 pm - 8:30 pm men and women Fibonacci: a series of numbers where a number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. Cassidy Lance Matt McCraney @instawife_aly @crossfitwaterside

Way to crush on that O-Course today everyone! It’s fun to 🐒 and slither 🐍 around every now and then! So much Fun! •••••• #CrossFitBolt #CrossFit #CrossFitGames #GetBolt #Fitness #OCourse

The overhead squat. While we use it to help develop some strength in snatch, back squat and press the OHS really helps our midline stability and shoulder stability. Here you see athlete Derek using plates to keep good position at the bottom of the squat. This is a common way coaches will modify to teach our body good position. Exposing weakness in the hip flexors, lower back and core this lift is a great training too to be a well rounded athlete. Core stability is key in all things we do, and life! And I mean, come on, look at that amazing mood lighting!

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