What is Bolt Athletics

In contrast to a broad, general, and inclusive fitness (the goal of CrossFit), competitive athletics demand a unique set of skills and physical qualities. Bolt Athletics provides a unique training regimen designed to elicit greater competency in sports specific skill sets.

The goal of Bolt Athletics training is improved performance on the field of play. We utilize the demands of a particular sport to determine our training emphasis. Strength, speed, power, agility and conditioning are all highly coveted attributes in the pursuit of athletic prowess. However, we do not desire strength for the sake of strength (unless you are a powerlifter); our goal is applicable strength, speed and power resulting in advanced on-field performance. Additionally, Bolt Athletics utilizes elements of the CrossFit methodology to promote relevent strength and conditioning congruent to the known time and modal domains of sport. Simply put, Bolt Athletics is an intense, virtuous training program for the specialist.